domanysandorI was born in Pécs on 29 January 1956 and obtained my medical degree in 1982. After I passed the otolaryngological special examination I worked as an otolaryngologist until 1998.

I now devote my life to painting. I was initially influenced by impressionists and that is now apparent in my style. Later I included other modern art styles such as secession and surrealism in my work.

Most of my work is done in the studio using photogrphs or drawings as the inspiration. However, I do not attempt to reproduce the images using matching colors but instead deviate from the reality by using art as the medium for depicting the atmosphere of the image as well as the impact created by the image on me. Taking into account the above I label myself as an expressionist rather than impressionist. However, it is foreign to my nature to give myself a trend label. Few artists’ work can be called homogeneous and my works undergo continuous change as well.

At present I live and paint in Balatonboglár near Lake Balaton.